Discover Lombardy, experience its rivers

Living Lombardy means knowing and loving its rivers: the history of the region is inextricably linked to the rivers that cross it. River life is deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of the lower Lombardy region and still exercises a notable fascination today.

To fully enjoy it, there are numerous organized navigations on the Adda, the Ticino, the Po and the Naviglio.

These trips, lasting at least one hour, are accompanied by a tour guide who illustrates anecdotes and curiosities about the river and the route taken.

The itineraries can have a naturalistic cut and focus on native flora and fauna, or they can have a historical-artistic character: this is how you can immerse yourself in the nature of Lodi or get to know the old heliport of Pavia or admire the Vicolo dei Lavandai and the wash house of San Cristoforo, on the Milanese Naviglio.

And finally, the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at the dockside restaurant bar at the dock will complete the suggestion.

The boats can accommodate groups of 40 to 55 people.

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